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Niagara falls ontario railway station Built in 1879, this large two-storey building with attached one-storey east and west wings features ornate decoration and a jerkinhead gable roof, consistent with other Victorian Age rail depots. The property has been designated under By-law 99-108 by the City of Niagara Falls. Heritage Value As one of a few surviving rail depots of this age, design and scale, in Niagara, the Via Railway Station is rich in historical value. The construction of the Elgin terminus created hundreds of construction and railroading jobs, resulting in an economic boom for Elgin, and by 1853 a new complex was completed. The depots many amenities included a 'Refreshment Saloon', acquired by the Bampfield family in 1860, and known as the Great Western later Grand Trunk Restaurant. James Bampfield and his family were integral to the economic development of Niagara Falls, James being the owner of the Morningstar and Bampfield Insurance Company.


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Photo provided by the Niagara Historical Society and Museum. Imagine hearing a strange whistle way off across the fields, and then feeling a rumble under your feet as a mighty monster comes into view. Bell ringing, whistle blowing, steam billowing from its sides; it is 1854 and here comes the very first steam locomotive train into Niagara-on-the-Lake. At the Niagara Docks, cargo and passengers bound for Toronto would make their way onto the steamers that crossed the lake three times a day. Most of the cargo would be shipped during the summer, comprising of peaches, cherries and other delicate fruits grown in the region, while the passengers mainly consisted of business men from Buffalo, anxious to tap into the lucrative Toronto markets.

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It is the after effects of the removal of these rails, especially the changing face of the Victoria Avenue area which will be discussed here. The Canal allowed the goods to remain on one carrier for the whole journey. What is now called the City of Niagara Falls had its first railroad constructed in 1839; the preliminary section was between Chippawa and the City of the Falls, later the Front and what we would generally call today the Fallsview area. By 1841 this horse-drawn railway, known officially as the Erie and Ontario Railway, extended from the Chippawa River c. The change was made north of the Falls View where the route swung east.

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