Owo meaning in yoruba In this post I will be talking about the yoruba proverbs owe. The role that proverbs play in the yoruba tribe cant be underestimated as it is used a lot by the elderly people. The way she says it and oh how beautifully it is pronounced to my stretching ears. Lest I not derail from the topic being discussed I will be showing you the owe yoruba you should know what this means already and its various meaning in no time. So stay calm while you read and enjoy.


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Elaborately adorned ceremonial swords known as 'udamalore' comment upon the exalted status of high-ranking Owo chiefs. The delicately carved ivory sword is housed in an intricately beaded sheath and worn horizontally on the left hip during yearly festivals. The 'udamalore' announces its owner as a famous and respected person of high rank who has power and influence in the affairs of the community. It further signals that the wearer is "well-born," meaning he hails from a respected family and is a leader prepared to meet life's challenges.

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