Viral Photo of Palestinian Gaza Protester Compared to Biblical David and Goliath

Palestinian man with flag What Netanyahu cannot understand is that time can play in favour of Israel for now but it can just as easily play against it in the long run. A Palestinian man wearing a t-shirt depicting the colours of the Palestinian flag walks on crutches with another holding a national flag as they head towards a demonstration near the border with Israel, March 30. Of this deal, we know practically nothing. What we do know is that the United States has recognised all of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and has given its blessings to Israel to annex the Golan Heights. These moves by the Trump administration are a clear expression of its unambiguous intentions to change the map of the region. International law has determined that East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights are occupied territories. Netanyahu was the spokesman of the Israeli delegation at the Madrid Conference while Yitzhak Shamir was both prime minister and foreign minister.



A shirtless 22-year-old A'ed Abu Amro made headlines last month when a picture of him snapped by Anadolu Agency photographer Mustafa Hassona quickly spread across the internet, with users comparing the sight to that of other famous historical images and stories. Amro was present Monday at another demonstration against an Israeli blockade at the northern border of the Palestinian-controlled Gaza Strip, when he sustained injuries that Qatar's Al Jazeera , Turkey's Anadolu Agency and a number of local journalists and activists have attributed to Israeli sniper fire. Wounded Palestinian Aed Abu Amro, lies on a stretcher during the 15th 'maritime demonstration' to break the Gaza blockade by sea with vessel near the north coast border in GazaCity , Gaza AA pic.

Palestinian Flag and Swastika Fly in Gaza

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By Haggai Matar August 12, 2018 The latest example came earlier this month, during a protest against the eviction of the Sabag and Hamad families from their homes in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. At first, it almost seems like some kind of game; the protesters appear bemused, as if they know they are actors in some kind of bizarre political theater. Once it becomes clear, however, that the officers are intent on taking every single Palestinian flag in sight — one officer even climbs a tree to get the job done — the demonstrators grow angry. By the end of the video, it appears the police have all the flags in their possession.

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ردة فعل الفلسطنين على علم "اسرائيل" -- How Palestinian people react to an "Israeli" flag

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