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Portraits commercial dating Dating old photos A fine Victorian family group but not much use unless you have some idea of the main people in the picture. Here we appear to have a Victorian patriarch, centre front, with his wife on his right , his sons and daughters possibly with their spouses and either his mother or his mother-in-law, next to the young boy. The young men all look to be in their 30s but probably range from 20 upwards. This was not the case in the mid 1900s when, even though cameras were used for family snapshots, every picture had to count on a 12-exposure roll of film. In the century before most people did not even have the luxury of a camera and relied on special trips to the photographer for family portraits. These might be a once-in-a-lifetime visit for some families and there are plenty who could not even afford that once. If you do have old family pictures, hopefully with some form of identification as to the people in them, then take care of them.


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Your Photos What to wear for a portrait session. For this reason it is important to prepare for your session with Xpressions Studio. Here are some tips to help you prepare for clothing. Choose classic clothing that will remain timeless. Plain clothing without logos, avoid heavily patterns or stripes as this can date.

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Testimonials What our clients say about us... We have found their service to be very professional, efficient and friendly. They are flexible and accommodating and the feedback from students is very positive.

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