Brit seduction expert says men should date Russian women

Richard la ruina married Just for shits and giggles, let's have a look at the woman that will possibly be pulling Mr. Strauss's wallet out through his genitals. Not exactly a minger, eh? As Mr. Strauss himself said in his rather interesting, if problematic, book, The Truth. An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships . she looks like a Russian model, but is actually half-Mexican, half-German. However, my brothers, you and I are not most men.


Richard la ruina wife of bath 29. Retrieved 23 July To solve his financial troubles, he found another couple to kill and rob. Views Read Edit View history. He replied,"Make it a large one, old boy". Haigh was also known to have stayed at Crawley's George Hotel on several occasions.

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Do you understand the importance of what I just said? Can you imagine how quickly everything is going to change for you… once you know how to let this shocking discovery work for you? Immediately after I discovered the study, I B-lined home and began memorizing the questions. After hours of rote memorization, I knew them backwards.

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For those of you not well versed in the PUA community, he was from the original crowd dating back to Style and Mystery. He wrote this article here about his new marriage.

How to Seduce Women without Harassing them!

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