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Sbs insight exercise guidelines Australian Catholic University Abstract. The 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee Scientific Report from the USA recently concluded that there is strong epidemiological evidence of a significant relationship between greater time spent in sedentary behavior and higher risk of type 2 diabetes. Human experimental studies have begun to corroborate and extend the experimental evidence by showing that reducing and frequently breaking up prolonged sitting with light-intensity physical activities may be practical strategies for improving type 2 diabetes prevention and management. Studies have consistently showed clinically meaningful acute improvements in postprandial glucose metabolism following the initiation of frequent every 20—30 min short 2—3 min interruptions during prolonged sitting involving either light-intensity or moderate-intensity ambulation, standing, or simple resistance activities. Some have also demonstrated improved responses in blood pressure, lipids, haemostatic markers and cognitive function. Thus far, the original published observational and experimental findings have provided strong indications that the potential benefits of reducing and breaking up sitting time are likely to be most pronounced in those with, or at risk of, dysglycemia.


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Sit less, move more. why Australia doubled its exercise guidelines By Cristen Tilley; Illustrations by Lucy Fahey Updated March 12, 2014 09.50.26 Australians are sitting down and lying around so much, experts have doubled the recommended amount of exercise and say we need to get up out of our chairs - even if we already do "enough" exercise. More and more studies are finding links between "sedentary behaviour" and weight gain, type 2 diabetes, poor muscle tone, heart disease and dying earlier. The new guidelines are the first to explicitly address our love of lounging and our habit of sitting at work. The latest advice is to 'mix and match' a range of activities, and to think of exercise as simple habits that can be built into your day, rather than organised sport or structured activities like going to the gym. Use the interactive illustration below to see how moving more can change your life.

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