The 10 best pieces of classical Christmas music

Scary classical music organ Christmas Pop songs give us the happy, party side of Christmas. Bing Crosby and Judy Garland give us the nostalgic side. What does classical Christmas music give us? Nostalgia too, at times, and a cosy sense of gathering round the fire. Carols give us those things too, of course. But in classical music they're often accompanied by something else, which often seems to have vanished from the world; a feeling of hope and joy, and a quiet, awestruck awareness of the miraculous.


toccata and fugue

Film Composers Horror in Music - when music sets out to be scary People in general and creative artists in particular have always had a fascination with the macabre. Composers have also looked to some dark subject matter as the inspiration for their compositions, and this article looks at some of those examples of horror in music and the special techniques composers have used to make their compositions genuinely scary. So that you can hear as you read we will include examples of the music we discuss from youtube, and in case it's not obvious by now we're talking about Fictional Horror rather than real horrors. Horror in Classical Music An early example of music with a dark subject matter is the "Dies Irae" or "Wrath of God" - here is a sung version on youtube and at the bottom of this page we have listed the sheet music for this on mfiles.

Dark Vampire Music & Baroque Music - Gothic, Halloween, Dracula

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I'd love to hear what might make other V. I'm always hungry for new, quality, spooky music. Repertoire. Bah, who wants light and energetic? I am looking for some pieces that are, well, dark. Haunting, chill-inspiring, vampirish, gothic, you get the idea....

toccata and fugue in d minor sheet music

This article will take a brief look at those pieces from this wealth of music that can be considered to be frightening and scary. This also gives the work its name, meaning, Song of Beuren. It is scored for a huge orchestra, full choruses and soloists that bring enough power to any performance that you cannot fail to be moved by the experience. The opening section is perhaps the scariest with almost the full strength of the assembled musicians opening with huge fortissimo chords. The part of the work is essentially a hymn to fortune and serves as both the opening and the close of this astonishing work.

1 Hour of Dark Organ Music

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