Marvel star Sebastian Stan revealed an Avengers 4 spoiler and no one noticed

Sebastian stan marvel films Robert Downey Jr had a major part in ushering in the new world of comic book movies. He has re-negotiated his contact multiple times, but it seems like his time is coming to an end. According to even Chris Evans himself, the contract is up and there are no plans for him to return after Avengers 4. In 2015, he told GQ that there were already two more sequels in the mix, and we know he is already slated for Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3. His appearance in Captain America. The First Avenger was striking, no matter how much you saw it coming. But it seems he is finished with the MCU.


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That means that the actress has signed a multi-picture deal with Marvel. Rudd is virtually synonymous with the character of Ant-Man and it would be impossible to imagine anybody else as the tiny superhero. Evans signed one of the longest multi-picture deals with Marvel Studios, but his run with the company officially ends in 2019 with the fourth Avengers movie.

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Which means now is the perfect time for a status update on just how long our heroes and protagonists will remain in this world. While he has no more MCU appearances left on his contract, he could always renegotiate to fill the Nick Fury mentor role assuming he survives Endgame. Then again, Marvel could also recast that role.

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We know, Bucky! We're trying to get to the bottom of it! Because Avengers. Endgame is a movie about time travel, it has a scene in which the Avengers rattle off a list of time travel movies.