5 sure signs that you are dating a stingy man

Signs you are dating a stingy man Here are some traits of stingy men you should know before approaching them Dating a man who does not love to spend even a penny on you can be very difficult. Some men believe that spending money on a woman is meaningless. Here are a few characteristics just in case you run by one. 1 A stingy man's ideal date is at your home. He wants a place where you can catch a movie so that you prepare tea for him. He also eats a lot of your popcorn.


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Contact Us 12 Signs You Are Dating A Stingy Guy I got lots of flaks from some ladies who felt my piece on gold digging girls was too harsh on girls who are just trying to survive in a difficult world. It got me thinking about dating a stingy guy. Sometimes, it is not that the girl is a gold digger, but that the guy is so stingy he thinks any demand for money no matter how reasonable, is a sign the girl is a gold digger.

How to deal with stingy and selfish people.

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We do not have all day. He Doesn't Buy Gifts During last Sunday , Youth and Singles programme in my fellowship, the guest speaker, whose main thrust of discussion centred on relationship, said that some guys are so stingy that even if they travel from Lagos to Ado-Ekiti to visit their girlfriends, they will be empty-handed. He passes Ojota, he no buy bread; he passes Ibadan, he no buy plantain chips; he passes Osun, he no buy akara.

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