How to Host a Friend Speed Dating Event

Speed dating to find friends Speed-friending. Can you make a friend in just five minutes? Sitting opposite a string of total strangers one Sunday evening, that's what I set out to discover. Hot from the States, speed-friending is the newest way to find your soul 'mate'. Just like speed dating, it involves chatting to a conveyor belt of complete strangers for mere minutes, before exchanging numbers with those who tickled your fancy at the end of the night. Unlike speed dating however, getting stuck in the friend zone is actually the aim of the game.


Jessica Mudditt Whimn February 20, 20181.27pm Jessica Mudditt was keen to make new friends after a decade living abroad. Photo. It was a balmy Saturday night and the neighbours were having another party. The music was so loud that we had turn off our own speakers, and every now and again the large group next door would erupt into laughter.

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