Mount Saint Helens, Washington

The dream st helens height Prominence Ladder from Mount Saint Helens Although it has been over a quarter-century since the massive volcanic eruption of Mount Saint Helens on May 18, 1980, the mountain or what's left of it remains one of the best-known and most-climbed landmarks of the northwest. The eruption, however, ruined this nice dichotomy by blowing the top 1344 feet of the mountain, plus a good chunk of its core and north side, out into the sky as ash. Now Saint Helens is only 8333 feet high, dropping it from 5 to about 89 in elevation for Washington State. Saint Helens is a relatively easy climb. There is a strict quota system that limits the number of hikers allowed in summer, and except in winter you must make reservations to get your permit. Before setting out for this peak, it is important to check the regulations with the National Forest Service.


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This area, known as Vancouver Heights, commands a magnificent view if the city, the North Shore Mountains and the sea. During the first decade there was just a handful of people willing to brave the inconvenience of living in a remote area to dwell in such splendor. Among them were ten Catholic families. They dreamt about establishing a Catholic community, a church and perhaps even a school of their own. They knew it would take hard work and sacrifice to realize their dream.

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