Smoking declines around the world but most countries set to miss targets, report finds

Us smoking rate 2018 Today, some 1. Which countries are on track to meet global tobacco reduction targets? The UK, where the first voluntary warnings appeared on cigarette packets in the 1970s and a smoking ban in public places has been in force since 2007, is one of a number of mostly wealthy countries that has led the way in tobacco control. Today just 16 per cent of the British population smokes, compared to 46 per cent in 1974. Across the rest of Europe smoking is also fast falling out of fashion. Last week, a new study revealed that smoking is starting to lose its allure in France as one million daily smokers kicked the habit in the last year thanks to the recent introduction of anti-smoking measures including higher taxes on cigarettes and plain packaging.


But the new data may fail to capture use of an electronic cigarette brand that has become hugely popular among teens, a separate report suggests. Last year, current use of e-cigarettes among high school students was similar to that reported in 2016 and significantly lower than in the previous 2 years, according to data from the CDC's National Youth Tobacco Survey NYTS. E-cigarettes remained the most widely used tobacco product among teens, but cigars overtook conventional cigarettes as the second most popular tobacco product among youth in 2017. However, on balance, the bad news is that there are still 3. In a statement following the report's release, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, said. "While fewer youth are using cigarettes and other combustible tobacco products, we must do more to address the disturbingly high number of youth who are using e-cigarettes and vaping products.

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percentage of smokers in us 2017

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percentage of smokers in us 2018

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