What day of the week did Jesus die?

When did jesus die The Jewish religious leaders, the Gentile Roman government and a mob of people all demanded his death. It all started in a small village, not far from Jerusalem, in Israel. At 30 years of age, Jesus began teaching people about life and God. Crowds were drawn to him. Everything about Jesus was markedly different from the ruling religious leaders. He welcomed not only the wealthy and powerful, but also the prostitutes, poor, diseased and marginalized.


Most people believe that Jesus died on a Friday, but some Wednesday Crucifixionists believe that Jesus actually died on a Wednesday. Part of the reason for this belief is that Jesus mentions that, "as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth" Matt 12.40 NKJV. This could mean that Jesus would have died on Wednesday, in order to be entombed for three literal days and three literal nights Thursday, Friday, and Saturday , and rise on Sunday.

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University of Idaho ngier uidaho. I am unaware how frequently this actually happens, but one such coincidence is recorded in the Gospel of John.

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It was perhaps natural, therefore, that the setting sun should signify the end of the day and sunset the beginning of a new one, which extended to sunset the next day night and day, rather than day and night; cf. Genesis 1.5, "And the evening and morning were the first day". Friday, for example, began at sunset on Thursday and ended at sunset on Friday, which was the beginning of Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. Daylight hours, however, still were measured from sunrise 6 a. By this reckoning, the third hour was 9 a.