All the Ladies Who Stole John Lloyd Cruz’s Heart

Dating history of john lloyd cruz Maybe more so because he is stern about detaching his private life from an image he has cultivated over 20 years. Consistently, the matinee idol has remained guarded even when confirming a much-publicized relationship, or breakup, and has become good at dodging detailed inquiries. But his reticence has only intensified curiosity about his private life. He is 34 years old, hugely successful in his career—so what does it take to win the heart of this elusive bachelor? Maybe his rumored current girlfriend Ellen Adarna has the answer because, suddenly, John Lloyd appears to be letting his guard down. For a long time, the actor has kept a private Instagram account with a different handle name, which has been seen only by select followers. Their Bantayan Island vacation in Cebu also became controversial when videos showing John Lloyd acting out of character caused some consternation even among his followers, and trended in social media.


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Born in 1983, this very famous showbiz personality has worked his way to the top. Looks, talent and hard work have propelled him to endure the good and bad challenged in the industry. Who would have thought that this guy from Pasig would be one of the most sought-after leading men today? He has been teamed up with equally famous actresses on TV and films.

•JOHN LLOYD CRUZ at BEA ALONZO spotted na magkasama sa EL-NIDO palawan!

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Angelica Panganiban explains the kind of relationship she has now with John Lloyd Cruz

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