14 Undeniable Signs You’re Someone’s Rebound

Dating rebound definition Tips on Gardening Is your ex partner in a rebound relationship? That's a relationship where your partner starts dating someone else in order to get over you. Rebound relationships keep people from dealing with the emotions of breaking up. They are used to help people move on from a real love. And thats the key to getting your ex back.


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Men, more than women, are susceptible to rebound connections following a breakup. While women typically have girlfriends with whom to share feelings and confide in — for most men — that was the role his girlfriend played. His breakup was less than 3 months ago, or his separation was less than 6.

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Because when it comes to affairs of the heart, everyone plays, but does anyone win? Let's find out. You've recently gotten out of -- climbed, struggled, dealt with -- a serious relationship, and you're craving some sort of intimacy and comfort.

Rebound Relationships: What To Do If Your Ex Is Dating Someone New by Clay Andrews

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Heartbreaks, Rebounds & Moving On

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