The Best and Worst of Chandler’s Girlfriends on ‘Friends’

Friends chandler online dating While watching some of these awesome episodes, we began to notice that the characters dated a lot. It is understandable because they were all attractive twenty-somethings when the show premiered back in 1994. They all come to visit for his birthday and Chandler ends up making out with Mary Angela. Sadly, he cannot remember which one she is because he was so drunk. He mistakes her for Mary Therese and everything goes downhill from there. Not the best way to start a relationship.


Sorry, Gunther. Just like the rest of the Friends gang, Janice grew up , survived her 20s, and lived happily ever after. Fans know this because she even got her own conclusion at the end of the series. To boot, girl even got a decent slice of character development.

Friends - S01E14 - Joey and Chandler's Double Date (1/3)

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